Welcome to Career takeoff

After working closely with thousands of pilots over 16 years, there’s one thing we know for certain—no two pilots are alike. The Career Takeoff team understands you are unique. We also understand that no two airlines are alike, and each has its own distinctive hiring process and definition of the “ideal” candidate. This is why we are intent on providing advice and prep that is customized just for YOU and the airline of your choice.

You’ve already invested countless hours, effort, and diligence to your education, training, and career to this point. Why not continue to strive for excellence while working to obtain your ultimate career at the company YOU choose? We can help you maximize your return on all of your hard work and preparation to this point. We know this industry exhaustively well, and we will be your partner and coach as you begin the process leading up to your interview.

The first step in your next success begins with you. You know yourself best, and only you can determine where you want to take your career. We would be honored and eager to help you take your career to the next level. Contact us today so we can help chart your path to the perfect cockpit!

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