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There’s nothing more frustrating than for pilots to check their email every day for an interview invite when they aren’t even close to receiving one.  We would like to help you set realistic expectations.  We screen all our clients who do not have an interview scheduled to ensure they are not starting prep too far in advance.  We do interview prep for clients targeting American, Delta, United, Southwest, FedEx, UPS, Alaska, Hawaiian, jetBlue, Frontier, Spirit, or Sun Country.  We are a one-stop shop!  We offer assistance for every step of the process and think it’s important you work with a company who knows YOU, your application, your personality, how you interact with others, how you communicate, your strengths and weaknesses, and your concerns through-out the entire process.  With each phase of the process that we help you prepare for, we are building our knowledge of you and are able to help you more thoroughly with the next step.


As a Pilot Interviewer, there’s nothing more frustrating than interviewing your 6th pilot of the day, the pilot showing up with a 2-minute, very rehearsed elevator pitch, answering a “Tell me about a time when…” question before the question is completely asked, and speaking at you rather than engaging in a genuine, down-to-earth conversation.  When we started Career Takeoff, we vowed to approach interview prep differently.  We prep the core of you.  We get you to a comfort level where your personality can come out, overcoming your natural tendency to suppress your personality in a stressful interview environment.  Your application and paperwork should be perfect, but none of these airlines are looking for a perfect pilot.  They want to see the real you – your personality, the mistakes you’ve made through your career, and how those lessons learned made you the pilot you are today.  Take the weight of perfectionism in the interview off your shoulders.  Let us help you understand the process, think from the other side of the interview table, and put your best foot forward while being well prepared, but not prepped and robotic. Learn more  about our interview prep services.  We are honored to simplify the journey for you and help your career takeoff!

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