Applying to the major airlines: When and where to start…

Many pilots are unsure of when and where exactly to start, and we want to help. We’ve created a quick checklist to help get you started:   Determine your top 3 choices. With our help in application editing and interview prep, most pilots don’t need to apply to more than three companies.  Applying to all Read more about Applying to the major airlines: When and where to start…[…]

Job Fairs

Not all job fairs are created equally.  If an airline is not using it as a “pre-screening” process, then it is simply informational in nature.  When an airline arranges 10-15 minute 1:1 time with a hiring team member who reviews your application, those are usually pre-screening events. A successful interaction with the hiring team member Read more about Job Fairs[…]

How long is the wait for an interview?

Major airlines interview on a competitive basis.  Even if a pilot meets the minimum application requirements for a position, he or she does not necessarily meet the competitive minimums for the position.  Competitive minimums are what you must meet to be considered for an interview…and they are dropping at all airlines as the pilot shortage Read more about How long is the wait for an interview?[…]