February 24, 2020

Trans States Transitions

We are sorry for the disappointing career news you have recently received.

We have good news to share with you: through our Pilot Transition Program (PTP) We have teamed up with multiple airlines to offer you a fast-track path into your next stop on your career journey. To take advantage of this special program (and to qualify for PTP classes and conference call guidance), you MUST apply through the Career Takeoff PTP program.

Enrolling is easy. Here are the steps:

1. Update your Airline Apps Profile
2. Save it as a PDF (Click here for instructions on how to save your profile as a pdf)
3. Email the PDF to CustomerService@ctakeoff.com
4. Sign up here for one of our conference calls, then you will be given access to additional information.

At this time, the PTP special classes are offered only to current Trans States Airlines Captains and First Officers.

To qualify for any of our special PTP consulting services you MUST apply to the regional through Career Takeoff. If you apply directly to the airlines, we are happy to take you on as our client, but you will no longer be eligible for this special Trans States Transition program. Further, we suggest you hold off submitting your application to any airline until after this class as the class will likely change your perspective.

This special PTP program will include a series of classes and conference calls. We anticipate the interview process through this program to be expedited and, in some cases, shorter than the normal interview process.

IMPORTANT: Remember, if you apply directly to the airlines, you will not qualify for any of our free consulting services.

We look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your ultimate career goal!