January 11, 2018

About Us

About Us

Career Takeoff is built on a deep HR and recruiting foundation. Our experience and success in interview prep, corporate culture development, and recruitment can be deployed for your next challenge!

Our founder, Rebekah Krone, has been immersed in pilot staffing for 20 years.  Rebekah had an extensive 10 year career at Southwest Airlines in their world renowned People and Leadership Development department.

Rebekah helped to establish the interview selection and hiring process for many areas including pilots, dispatch, and the operations center. She participated in the hiring process in all areas of the company including executives, technology, flight operations, inflight, ground operations, marketing, finance, human resources, general counsel, reservations, and maintenance.

Rebekah facilitated classes to Southwest Airlines’ management and interview teams teaching them how to interview. She coached recruiters and management on networking, interviewing skills, how to find and select applicants, career development, leadership development, and team building and team/department dynamics. Rebekah interviewed and helped select employees for promotions and internal moves.

Through Corporate & Career Takeoff Inc, Rebekah consults FAA Part 121, 91, and 135 airlines on Flight Operations hiring.  She is an expert on the following subjects: sourcing, employment branding, interviewing (behavioral, case/situational, narrative), pre-employment testing (cognitive, personality, technical), and background checks including PRIA compliance.

Rebekah is experienced speaking to groups of all sizes. Please call or email for details.