January 11, 2018

Application/Resume Edits

Your application is your first chance to make a great impression, and what you submit today may be what is in front of your interview team six months from now. While working with us you will learn that although airlines aren’t looking for the perfect person – they understand that you are human – there is NO excuse for having less than perfect paperwork. We will help make sure your best qualities and credentials leap off the page (while also ensuring you crossed your Ts and dotted your Is).

Edits include:

Review by two people: 1) A professional writer who will help you best relay your experience, education, credentials, and personality in a professional and grammatically-correct way, while paying close attention to detail; and 2) A pilot who will review hours and technical details, ensuring you have highlighted things most relevant to the airlines.

Written feedback: You will receive a document with written feedback for each application you submit so you can apply changes to your application in your own time.

Finalized Resumes: We will edit an existing resume or create one for you from information you provide if you don’t already have one. When we are finished, there might be a few details for you to fill in, but your document will be mostly ready to submit.

Cover Letter Creation: After you fill out our Cover Letter Questionnaire, we will create a cover letter that not only highlights your professional achievements but also helps your personality shine through.

Edit Process FAQ


Application Edits          $225 first application

                                               $125 each additional application (when submitted with first application)

Resume creation/edit               $175 per resume

Cover letter creation/edit       $150 per letter/airline