January 11, 2018

Application/Resume Edits

Application, Resume, and Cover Letter Creation or Edits

Applicants often believe the interview is the first chance to make a good impression. Wrong! Your application IS your very first impression, and you want to be confident before you hit “submit” that your application is as fine-tuned as possible. What you submit to an airline today may be what is in front of your interview team 6 months from now. To ensure your application is as precisely perfect as one can get, we will make sure your best qualities and credentials leap off the paper (and also ensure you crossed your T’s and dotted your I’s).

All of our cover letter, resume, and application editing services are done by two people:

First, a professional writer who can best help you represent and relay your experience, education, credentials, and personality in a professional and grammatically correct way while paying close attention to detail. Second, a hiring professional who has worked heavily in Airline Apps/Pilot Credentials looking at thousands of pilots to establish a competitive baseline to run reports from, and who has hand-selected applicants to be invited for interviews.

NOTE: We currently have an approximate 3-week wait list before our team will be able to begin your edits.

You are added to our wait list once we have received your documents to be edited.  After enrolling in edits, you will receive an email with instructions on what documents to upload and how to upload them.


Airline Apps or Pilot Credentials Edits          $225 first application

$125 each additional application (when submitted with first application)

Resume creation/edits              $175 per resume

Cover letter creation/edits        $150 per letter/airline